Xavier P. Burgos-Artizzu


Fetal Ultrasound image dataset

FETAL_PLANES_DB: Common maternal fetal ultrasound planes

Quantus family (medical imaging SaaS)

QuantusFLM: Fetal Lung Maturity estimation from a fetal lung ultrasound image

QuantusSkin: Melanoma detection from mole images

QuantusPrematurity: Premature birth detection from a cervical ultrasound image

Facial landmark estimation in images and video tracking

300 – Faces in the wild


Matlab code to estimate face landmarks from an image or in entire video is available here.

For more info, see our ICCV13 and BMVC13 papers.

Behavior recognition

Matlab code to compute “weak trajectory features” and “temporal context features” can be found in our CVPR12paper’s website.


Multi-class classification

Matlab code for our Risk Estimation Boosting using an Exponential Loss (REBEL) method can be found in our ArXiv16 paper’s website.