Xavier P. Burgos-Artizzu

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AI in Medicine (2016-)

Low levels of CIITA and high levels of SOCS1 predict COVID-19 disease severity in children and adults. Monica Girona-Alarcon; Guillermo Argüello; Ana Esteve-Sole; Sara Bobillo-Perez; Xavier P. Burgos-Artizzu; Elisenda Bonet-Carne; Anna Mensa-Vilaró; Anna Codina; Maria Hernandez-Garcia; Cristina Jou; Laia Alsina; Iolanda Jordan. iScience. 25 – 1, Elsevier, 2022.

Noninvasive prediction models of intra-amniotic infection in women with preterm labor. Teresa Cobo; Xavier P. Burgos-Artizzu; Mari Carmen Collado; Vicente Andreu-Fernandez; Ana B. Sanchez-Garcia; Xavier Filella; Silvia Marin; Marta Cascante; Jordi Bosch; Silvia Ferrero; David Boada; Clara
Murillo; Claudia Rueda; Julia Ponce; Montse Palacio; Eduard Gratacos. American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology (AJOG). Elsevier, 2022

Analysis of maturation features in fetal brain ultrasound via artificial intelligence for the estimation of gestational age. X. P. Burgos-Artizzu, D. Coronado-Gutiérrez, B. Valenzuela-Alcaraz, K. Vellve, E. Eixarch, F. Crispi, E. Bonet-Carne, M. Bennasar, and E. Gratacós. American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Maternal-Fetal Medicine (AJOG-MFM), 2021

Automated covid-19 detection from frontal chest x-ray images using deep learning: an online feasibility study. X. P. Burgos-Artizzu. medRxiv, 2020

Evaluation of deep convolutional neural networks for automatic classification of common maternal fetal ultrasound planes. X. P. Burgos-Artizzu, D. Coronado-Gutiérrez, B. Valenzuela-Alcaraz, E. Bonet-Carne,E. Eixarch, F. Crispi, and E. Gratacós. Nature Scientific Reports, 10(1):10200, 2020

Evaluation of an improved tool for non-invasive prediction of neonatal respiratory morbidity based on fully automated fetal lung ultrasound analysis. X. P. Burgos-Artizzu, Á. Perez-Moreno, D. Coronado-Gutierrez, E. Gratacos, and M. Palacio. Nature Scientific Reports, 9(1):1950, 2019

Quantitative ultrasound image analysis of axillary lymph nodes to diagnose metastatic involvement in breast cancer. D. Coronado-Gutirrez, G. Santamara, S. Ganau, X. Bargallo, S. Orlando, M. Oliva Braas, A. Perez-Moreno, and X. Burgos-Artizzu. Ultrasound Med Biol, 11(45):2932–2941, 2019

Behavior recognition (2010-2016)


Three Dimensional Pose Estimation for Laboratory Mouse From Monocular Images. Ghadi Salem; Jonathan Krynitsky; Monson Hayes; Thomas Pohida; X.P. Burgos-Artizzu. Transactions on Image Processing. 28 – 9, pp. 4273 -4287. IEEE, 2019.

Automated measurement of mouse social behaviors using depth sensing, video tracking, and machine learning. Hong W., Kennedy A., Burgos-Artizzu X.P., Zelikowsky M., Navonne S., Perona P., Anderson D.J. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA (PNAS). 2015. pdf  | PNAS online

Detecting social actions of fruit flies. E. Eyjolfsdottir, S. Branson, X.P. Burgos-Artizzu, E.D. Hoopfer, J. Schor, D.J. Anderson, and P. Perona. In ECCV’14, Zurich, Switzerland, September 2014. pdf  | Supp Material  | Project website (dataset/code)  

Social behavior recognition in continuous video. X.P. Burgos-Artizzu, P.Dollar, D.Lin, D.J. Anderson, P.Perona. In CVPR 2012, Providence, RI.   pdf | Supp Material  |  Poster  |  Project website (dataset/code)


Face recognition (2010-2016)

Pose and expression-coherent face recovery in the wild. X.P. Burgos-Artizzu, J. Zepeda, F. Le Clerc, P. Perez. In RSL-CV (ICCV’15 Workshop), Santiago, Chile, December 2015. pdf  | Supp Material

Real-time expression-sensitive HMD face reconstruction. X.P. Burgos-Artizzu, J. Fleureau, O. Dumas, T. Thapie, F. Le Clerc, N. Mollet. In SIGGRAPH Asia (Technical Brief), Kobe, Japan, November 2015. pdf  | Paper videos

Distance estimation of an unknown person from a portrait. X.P. Burgos-Artizzu, M.R. Ronchi, P. Perona. In ECCV’14, Zurich, Switzerland, September 2014. pdf  | Supp Material  | Project website (dataset/code)  |  Poster

Robust face landmark estimation under occlusion. X.P. Burgos-Artizzu, P. Perona, P. Dollar. In ICCV’13, Sydney, Australia, December 2013. pdf  |  Supp Material   |  Project website (dataset/code)  |  Poster

Precision Agriculture/Weed Detection (2006-2010)

Real-time image processing for crop/weed discrimination in maize fields. X. P. Burgos-Artizzu, A. Ribeiro, M. Guijarro, G. Pajares. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture vol 75(2), p 337-346, 2011. pdf

Automatic segmentation of relevant textures in agricultural images. M. Guijarro, G. Pajares, I. Riomoros, P.J. Herrera, X.P. Burgos-Artizzu, A. Ribeiro. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture vol 75(1), p 75-83, 2011. pdf

Analysis of Natural Images Processing for the Extraction of Agricultural Elements. X. P. Burgos-Artizzu, A. Ribeiro, A. Tellaeche, G. Pajares, and C. Fernandez-Quintanilla. Image and Vision Computing vol 28 p 138-149, 2010.  pdf

Improving Weed Pressure Assessment Using Digital Images from a Experience-Based Reasoning Approach.  X. P. Burgos-Artizzu, A. Ribeiro, A.Tellaeche, G. Pajares, C. Fernandez-Quintanilla. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture vol 65(2) p176-185, 2009.    pdf

A vision-based method for weeds identification through the Bayesian decision theory. A. Tellaeche, X. P. Burgos-Artizzu, G. Pajares, A. Ribeiro. Pattern Recognition vol 41(2) p 521-530, 2008.   pdf

A new vision-based decision making approach for a differential spraying operation in Precision Agriculture. A. Tellaeche, X. P. Burgos-Artizzu, G. Pajares, A. Ribeiro, C. Fernandez-Quintanilla. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture vol 60 (2) p 144-155, 2008.   pdf

Field Robotics (2006-2010)

Design and development of a precision spraying system. A. Ribeiro, X. P. Burgos-Artizzu, D. Andujar, J. Dorado, J. J. Anaya, and C. Fernandez-Quintanilla. In Conference on Precision Crop Protection, 2010.

Controlador Borroso Multivariable para el Ajuste de Tratamientos en Agricultura de Precision. X. P. Burgos-Artizzu , A. Ribeiro, M. de Santos. Revista Iberoamericana de Automatica e Informatica vol 4 (2) 64-71, 2007.  pdf

Real-time Image Processing for the Guidance of a Small Agricultural Field Inspection Vehicle.  R. Gottschalk, X.P. Burgos-Artizzu, A. Ribeiro, G. Pajares y A. Sanchez-Miralles. International Journal of Intelligent Systems Technologies and Applications (IJISTA) vol 8 p 434-443, 2010.  pdf